9to5.org | Winning Justice for Working Women
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Winning Justice

for working women

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9to5 lifts women’s voices, joins diverse communities, and organizes together to win a world of justice and equality for everyone. It’s a space where people get involved and take action together to make a better world.

For 45 years, 9to5’s work has lifted the floor for the millions of women in this country who struggle for basic rights. We work for living wages and equal pay, paid family leave, affordable child care and more.


As featured in the December issue
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End workplace discrimination

Keeps our core training seminars free for participants so that women of all income levels can learn how to advocate for themselves and others at work.



Job Survival Helpline

Pays for one month of toll-free service for 9to5’s Job Survival Helpline, which provides tools and next steps to people experiencing workplace discrimination or harassment.



Leadership training

Brings one woman to 9to5’s Annual Leadership Conference in Washington D.C., where she will network with others from across the country while developing leadership and advocacy skills.



Voter Engagement

Places a non-partisan, grassroots voter engagement canvasser on the ground in a key community to educate voters about their rights and how to make their voices heard.

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